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Why You Should Educate Clients on In-Service Withdrawals

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Is it possible that some of your clients still keep in touch with their former colleagues?

Are there companies in your area that have or are conducting layoffs? What about making changes to their employees’ contribution plans?

These are all reasons to consider an in-service withdrawal marketing campaign. Educating clients and consumers about this provision and its many benefits can be a very easy way to pick up additional sales and new clients. Below are some ways you can start your campaign.

Send a Letter to Your Existing Clients and Prospects

Sometimes there are sales right in front of your nose, and it simply requires asking the right questions.

Do you think it’s possible that one of your clients has a family or friend who isn’t happy with their current retirement plan and looking to retire soon? A letter campaign can be a great way to flush out some interested clients or referrals.

Position Yourself as an Authority

Many financial professionals know about this provision, but how many of them are positioned as a credible authority? Instead of using materials provided by the insurance carriers, we recommend having a piece that is specifically branded to you and your company. If you don’t have time to write or create such a piece, our All Points Media team can help you get it done.

In addition to branding yourself as an authority, you may need some back-up from time to time. A great resource for such information is This site has a variety of tools and offers the ability to search for local companies that allow an in-service withdrawal provision as part of their defined contribution plan.

Target Companies within your Community

Oftentimes, you hear news about large companies making changes to their defined contribution plans, pensions, or lay off employees. Any time this happens, it’s natural for employees to be concerned about their financial well-being. So, having a message for such employees offers them greater control over their retirement savings.

And that can sound very attractive.

Final Point

In-service withdrawal campaigns can be an effective and cost-friendly campaign to deliver more business to your bottom line. If you’ve never given this strategy a try, it can be more than worth your time.

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